Sunnyside Grange was organized on January 6, 1936, at Milwaukie Grange by then State Deputy, Elmer McClure. Twenty-eight people were present and listed as Charter Members.

A dispensation was granted and a charter issued by the National Grange at Washington, D.C. on January 11, 1936. It was signed by National Master L.J. Taber and National Secretary Harry A. Caton.

The first regular meeting was held at Sunnyside School on January 20, 1936. The first order of business was to build a Grange Hall. Mrs. C.H. Hunter offered a site, 80' x 120', on SW corner of the crossroads at Sunnyside for the Grange Hall.

Labor was donated by members and others in the community; and, building materials and finances were furnished by McReady Lumber Co. Eighteen new members came into the Grange during the first year.

On April 19, 1937, Sunnyside Grange held its first regular meeting in the new hall. The new hall generated much intrest in the community. It was a place for recreation and entertainment. Saturday Night dances became a regular institution until the Grange was entirely out of debt.

Late in 1972, Sunnyside Grange learned that Pioneer Grange #1 wanted to merge. It was considered and approved by the members and the merger was arranged by Robert Hatz, Master of Pioneer Grange, and Jonathan Summers, Master of Sunnyside Grange.

The merger was completed by the end of the year. This not only gave Sunnyside a membership boost, but a financial one as well. Brother Wayne Wheeler donated the parking lot on the east side of the building and it was paved by Brother Glenn Mackey.

In the summer of 1990, word was received that the county Road Dept. was going to widen Sunnyside Road at 132nd, and that the Grange had to go. The Grange was in trouble...

With the help of Judy Hammerstad and Dave McTeague, members managed to have the Grange Hall declared a historic building. The County then agreed to pay a small part of the cost of moving the building. To do that, the Grange had to purchase the old fire station property next door, to make a place for the hall. This was done and in January, 1991, the Grange contracted with Emmert International to move the building.

In the meantime, members borrowed a meeting hall from Pleasant Valley Grange, and after many months, and much donated labor and time, the building was finally in place over a new basement. The final cost was well over the original estimate so the building had to be morgaged for funds to complete the job and get the building back in service.

The Grange now has a nice hall; and, rent on the hall helps them to keep up with expenses.

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